As the online home of the global innovation community, Innovation Excellence exists to broadly enhance innovation around the world by connecting and inspiring thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, conferences, academics, and students across all sectors and industries.

We’re a group of people who want to practice radical collaboration by exchanging ideas, providing resources, and challenging each other to never settle for the status quo. Not to mention, we’re constantly assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices, and proven answers for achieving excellence in innovation.

Founded in 2006 by a group of innovation visionaries (Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter, Rowan Gibson and Dean DeBiase), the network has grown into a crowd-sourced innovation platform with a roster of over 32,000 subscribers and 47,000 connections on LinkedIn that represent over 175 countries.

In early 2020, Innovation Excellence started a new chapter of innovation and disruption when it was acquired by Shawn Nason, the founder and CEO of MOFI, a startup experience-design SWAT team that’s laser-focused on disrupting the consumer experience, especially in the healthcare industry. The MOFI team uses their superpowers each day to rethink the consumer experience and solve the biggest, hairiest problems in the industry. They thrive on blowing sh*t up, moving at breakneck speed, and designing unapologetically for the consumer first.

In the first two quarters of 2020, Innovation Excellence will be innovating itself in an effort to stay on the cutting edge of thought leadership and industry trends. As we do this, we’re in need of bold innovators who are willing to help shape our future. Click here if you’d be willing to schedule a 20-minute interview with us to download your big ideas!

Shawn Nason, Executive Director

Speaker, thought leader, and CEO of MOFI (, Shawn’s on a mission to disrupt the status quo by daring changemakers to pour their hearts into their work while doubling down on a commitment to humanize the consumer experience. Shawn’s the person in the room who is undeterred by convention, unafraid to dream big, and unable to settle for mediocrity as he unapologetically challenges leaders to quit the bullsh*t and think bolder about how to actually improve people’s lives. As a natural disruptor, he’s endlessly searching for the next situation to stir up, inspire, and make sure will never be the same.

Prior to starting MOFI, Shawn led the Healthways Innovation Living Lab, served as the chief innovation officer for Xavier University, and worked in the innovation area at Humana. He also spent six years at The Walt Disney Company in various capacities within Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Cruise Line. He’s the author of the 2017 book, The Power of YES! In Innovation.

When he’s not out causing trouble in the world, Shawn’s at home with his wife, daughter, son, and two incredibly lucky dogs. Unless of course he’s traveling to Lexington to cheer on his beloved Kentucky Wildcats to win yet another national championship.