At Disruptor League, we connect, equip, and challenge a global community of bold disruptors and innovators as they blow up the status quo and think bigger about changing the world together, one new idea at a time.



Let's face it, disruption can be a lonely gig. We connect big thinkers from all over the world to blow sh*t up and change the game. If
you dare join us, we'll teach you to harness your superpowers
and unite with us to change the world.

In the Disruptor League, you will connect with others who want
to make a difference. Relationships will grow, and problems
will be solved.

Component 4 – 1

Throughout the League, we create ways to come together, challenge each other, and then get out there and change the world. League members gather for virtual and in-person webinars, meetups,
book clubs, and so much more.

With a bias towards action, our tribe is chomping at the bit to launch new ideas and mindsets into areas that are ripe for disruption.


We help disruptors fill their toolboxes with everything they need to tackle big, hairy problems and disrupt the status quo in their organizations and our world. We create space for both newbies and experts to hone their disruptive superpowers through hands-on, relationship-based learning experiences. 

Our catalyst papers stimulate deeper dialogue by throwing out some thoughtful research and engaging people in game-changing dialogue.


In 2006, a group of innovation visionaries (Braden Kelley, Julie Anixter, Rowan Gibson, and Dean DeBiase), created the groundbreaking online community known as Innovation Excellence. Over the years, the network grew into a crowd-sourced innovation platform with a roster of over 32,000 subscribers and 48,000 connections on LinkedIn from over 175 countries.

In early 2020, Innovation Excellence disrupted itself when it was acquired by Shawn Nason, founder and CEO of MOFI, an experience-design SWAT team that’s laser-focused on disrupting the consumer experience. From the start, MOFI’s goal for Innovation Excellence was to respect and honor the past while kicking the future’s ass!

In April 2020, Innovation Excellence disrupted itself once again by becoming The Disruptor League. (Are you picking up on a theme yet?) In August 2020, we cranked it up a notch or two by launching Disruptor League, a tribe of disruptors who are passionate about changing the world. In April 2021, we launched our online community through Mighty Networks.