OCT 15, 2020


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Connecting over healthcare and imposter syndrome

A passionate group of disruptors, innovators, and misfits from all across Europe and North America came together to connect and support one another, immediately blowing away all expectations for the first session. They focused on identifying and overcoming personal and professional barriers. Participants wasted little time in sharing their struggles, like women not being taken seriously as tech founders, slow change in healthcare, imposter syndrome, and much more. 

Members candidly opened up with each other and offered support and connections beyond moral support and coaching. One member connected another member in the UK to potential investors for her new product, and many members continued their conversations afterward beyond the hour-long session.

Expectations for the next meetup, on Nov 19, are riding high.

Blowing up Diversity & Inclusion

On October 13, MOFI and the Disruptor League held our first unconference experience, UNDIVIDED: Getting Real About Diversity and Inclusion—A Virtual Experience. Inspired by our recent catalyst paper, Humanizing Our Community: Blowing up Traditional Models for Diversity and Inclusion, the unconference event looked to engage a diverse community of individuals and dig deeper into the concepts discussed in the paper, as well as to foster real, vulnerable, and authentic conversations about the current state of D&I and what the future may hold. Nine outstanding storytellers shared their raw and unfiltered perspectives, concentrating on the three main themes of the day: TRUTH, FEAR, and JUSTICE. In total, 62 attendees joined us over the course of the afternoon for these discussions and intimate breakout sessions. Subsequent event feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and has also taught us how to make future unconference events even better. Additionally, through voluntary donations we raised $1,275 for Project Osmosis, whose mission is to create programs and initiatives that identify, develop, and support young people from minority communities with demonstrated abilities and skills in the applied arts. Moving forward, we plan to provide more unique and intimate unconference experiences for energized and ambitious groups of people interested in acting as disruptive catalysts for change in our communities.


We Heard You


Wildfires in the West. Turmoil in Washington. Social upheaval in cities large and small.
A pandemic sweeping the globe. This has been a year of flames.


Breaking-news headlines don’t capture root causes. Climate change. Toxic partisanship. Income inequality. A broken healthcare system. Those are the diseases that are killing us.


Our leaders aren’t leading. The people with the titles, the badges, and the credentials have failed to solve—or sometimes even acknowledge—the problems we face.


The status quo sucks. The world needs a new model of leadership, one built on the rock-solid belief that each of us can—in fact, must—help lead the world to a better tomorrow.


The Disruptor League is uniquely positioned to disrupt leadership.
By applying design thinking to leadership, we can equip a new generation of leaders
to “go, set the world on fire” for the benefit of all.

Leadership Stokes

Leadership in Turbulent Times

Doris Kearns Goodwin is a presidential historian, international keynote speaker, Pulitzer Prize-winning, New York Times #1 best-selling author, and a Pastimes Productions partner. Her seventh book, Leadership In Turbulent Times, was an instant bestseller and published to critical acclaim in Fall 2018.

The Future of Leadership Development

It’s time to move beyond traditional approaches to executive education. To successfully meet today’s business challenges, organizations, and the individuals who steer them should take advantage of online learning resources and networking opportunities.

Harvard Business Review


We'd love to learn from YOU

Let us know your thoughts on these three questions:

How do you define leadership?
How do you know leadership is lacking?
What is the purpose of a leader?

Send an email to brownrygg@mofi.co by December 10, 2020, with links to articles or videos you find inspiring.
Your responses and recommended resources will fuel our dialogue on December 17th. 


Disruptive Generosity


Our MOFI Generosity Blitz for @Cure4thekids is underway!

In Oct 2019, a 10-yr-old Cirque Couture performer gave $20, and it was matched to the tune of over $3000 in minutes!

Out of our love for this organization, we are sponsoring the #generosityblitz and you can join us by supporting
Any amount is welcome.



Mo' With MOFI

This month MOFI has teamed up with the Movember Foundation to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, as well as prostate and testicular cancer. Movember began as a viral campaign to grow moustaches but has quickly flourished into a global movement, a cult brand, and a dynamic charity. It has raised over $900 million and funded over 1,200 men’s health programs in 21 countries, all while changing the face of men’s health and disrupting the traditional model of non-profit organizations. The members of the MOFI Movember team have committed to raise awareness and money through walking/running 60 miles this month in recognition of the 60 men we lose each hour to suicide, and we invite you to join us. All are welcome to become Mo Bros or Mo Sisters by donating or joining our team. No contribution is too small! Let’s Mo together!

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