Bonus – Top 10 Clayton Christensen Insights – World Innovation Forum

Taking a slightly different approach than other World Innovation Forum bloggers, I’ve distilled the second 90 minutes with Clayton Christensen down into these Top 10 Insights (primarily about health care and education):

  1. Disruption drives things towards convenience and accessibility
  2. Clayton Christensen believes that the key to healthcare is pushing care farther from the center towards nurses and users and local devices
  3. There is a tension between people’s different learning styles and the need for standardization
  4. When Clayton Christensen writes a book, he draws a diagram. Then he writes a chapter to describe the diagram. That’s how his brain works.
  5. Clayton Christensen believes that over time teachers will become tutors and all instruction will eventually go online
  6. Schools struggle to keep kids engaged because the kids are looking to feel successful and to have fun with their friends
  7. Instead of telling Andy Grove of Intel what to think, Clayton Christensen told him how to think – and then Andy Grove could draw his own conclusion
  8. We tend to frame problems incorrectly, often lack a common language to discuss the problem, and usually don’t take time for re-education before proceeding to try and solve it
  9. The tyranny of delivering the numbers tends to make great innovation ideas homeless
  10. We should build cheap, limited electric cars aimed at teenagers – parents don’t want teens going far or fast

Finally, I’d like to end with a quote I heard recently from an unknown origin:

“Minds on the margin are not marginal minds”

What do you think?

Braden Kelley (@innovate on Twitter)

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