Abuse Customers at Your Own Risk

Long time readers of this blog will know that my love for most airlines in the US has never taken off. In fact, I’m constantly amazed by the continued indifference many of them have towards the consumer, not to mention the consumer’s resigned acceptance of the service they’re offered.

Not everybody is content to lie down and be trampled on by the commodification kings of the sky. Dave Carroll is an Internet hit after he wrote and uploaded a video to a song called “United Breaks Guitars” about…you guessed it, United Airlines breaking his prized Taylor guitar. Initially complaining, Dave was met with indifference from three flight attendants. A week or so later, he made a complaint which turned into weeks and months to call centers before his claim was inevitably refused. You know the story. So Dave has had his revenge, and another YouTube star was born.

As soon as United heard a public relations storm was brewing, they got in touch with Dave to put it right. Good on Dave Carroll for saying that United “has generously, but late, offered some compensation but would rather see the money go to a charity of their choice.” I’m not sure if Dave needs the money now – he’s gearing up for the second of his three promised songs on the subject, and has more PR for his band than he could have dreamed of.

This is another example of the increasing power of social media. Consumers have the ability to talk back and change things. The effect of Twitter on Sacha Baron Cohen’s film Bruno is another example. It debuted at US$14.4 million at US and Canadian box offices, but fell to US$8.8 million the next day. The consumer is boss and in immediate control.

For their part, United Airlines have said “Dave’s video is excellent, and we plan to use it internally as a unique learning and training opportunity.”

A message to the US airline industry: It’s not about doing things right some of the time, it’s doing things right all of the time, even when you think it doesn’t matter. YouTube, Twitter, and co. say it does matter. Customer relations can be a joyful experience, from both sides. Check out this guy to see how it’s really done!

Kevin Roberts is the CEO worldwide of The Lovemarks Company, Saatchi & Saatchi. For more information on Kevin, please go to www.saatchikevin.com. To see this blog at its original source, please go to www.krconnect.blogspot.com.

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