Innovating Your Why

Innovation Perspectives - Innovating Your WhyToo many brands, companies and even vertical sectors assume what they do is, well, what they do. They define their value based on their current tactical, delivered product or service to the market and to their customers. But that’s not at all what they do, of course.

People don’t buy a newspaper because it’s printed news. They can get that news from a myriad places today. So what makes newspapers unique? What value do they really serve? I actually read the newspaper more often now than ever, but I don’t subscribe to the print edition. I read online every day, check various reporters’ blogs for intra-day updates, etc.

So many sectors, so many businesses need to ask “why” several times over to understand their value to their customers. Why is this important? Why do my customers care? Why is this different and valuable to the marketplace?

At the end of those “why” questions is your core value. If you could start the business or category/sector from scratch today, how would you address the answer to that final “why” in a different way? How could you deliver value faster, more effectively, and more completely than you do today?

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