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Rock ControlI recently got an email from Tom Middleton, a fellow Lancastrian on a mission. He’s auditioning for a television show in England called Rock Control, and he’s using social media as a means of making the cut. I get loads of emails every day from people pitching ideas, but there were a few things that struck me about both Tom and the show he’s trying to inspire his way onto.

I’ve talked a lot about the Participation Economy, and Rock Control is putting that concept to work. Part talent contest (think American Idol or in the UK – Britain’s Got Talent) and part reality show (a la Making the Band), Rock Control has the potential to be one of the most interactive television experiences we’ve seen yet. On their website, the producers state that: “Harnessing the power of modern media, Rock Control gives the global public total control of every single aspect of the band – from picking the members, to shaping their image and sound.”

Ever played Rock Band? Well, this is it. The real thing. Except instead of controlling animated characters with a plastic guitar, the public will actually play an active role in building a real band from the ground up. Who’s in the band, what they sound like, what they wear. Let’s see if the result will be the “global domination” that the producers are looking for.

As for Tom, he’s taking an equally interactive approach to getting himself on the show. He’s started a Facebook group to organize voters. He’s got a YouTube page showing off his guitar skills. He’s tweeting. He’s even emailing former local boys who might have connections (that’s me) to try to make his dreams a reality. He’s auditioning for the show on June 1, and you can check out his Facebook page to find out how to vote for him getting on the show. Good luck Tom.

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