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Blogging Innovation is proud to announce three new items of additional value for our loyal readers:

  1. A 20% discount on the Future Trends 2010 conference October 18-20, 2010 in Miami, FL when you register using discount code BRADEN20
  2. A 20% discount on the EPIC 2010 conference October 27-29, 2010 in New York, NY when you register using discount code BRADEN20
  3. A new sidebar widget highlighting all of the special discounts on innovation and marketing conferences that Blogging Innovation has arranged for Blogging Innovation readers

NOTE: If you are an innovation-related conference organizer for a large global event (no regional events please) and would like to offer Blogging Innovation’s readers a special discount, please contact us.

Below is a picture of where you can find the conference discount widget in the sidebar:

New Innovation Conference Discount Sidebar Widget

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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is the editor of Blogging Innovation and founder of Business Strategy Innovation, a consultancy focusing on innovation and marketing strategy. Braden is also the author of the forthcoming book “Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire” from John Wiley & Sons.

Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley is a Design Thinking, Innovation and Transformation Consultant, a popular innovation speaker and workshop leader, and helps companies use Human-Centered Change™ to beat the 70% change failure rate. He is the author of Charting Change from Palgrave Macmillan and Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. Braden has been advising companies since 1996, while living and working in England, Germany, and the United States. Braden earned his MBA from top-rated London Business School. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.




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