Have you been seduced by text?

We Have Yet to Understand the Effects of Excessive Texting on our Communications and Realtionships.

by Idris Mootee

Have you been seduced by text?I realize I am texting more these days as it is faster and easier. Texting is one of our everyday activities, and for the younger generation it is the primary method to stay connect with friends. I have seen a couple texting each other even when they are in the in same house. And some text while they drive, eat and even in an intimate situation. Imagine that?

It is also becoming a common tool for business as customer services. Airline texts me update on flight status and that makes sense, as it is time sensitive. One significant strength of text messaging is its ability to remain unintrusive, particular when we are in meetings or conference calls.

Texting is an interesting behavior that is affecting many aspect of our life. There is texting for customer service, texting for emergency, texting for socail causes, texting for security and testing for seduction. It is now ubiquitous in our society. Think about the future of seduction and flirting – texting will be a perfect medium. Just add location-based capability and a people matching algorithm.

I can see a bestseller book titled “100 Proven Techniques – Texting to Attract And Seduce?” Think about it, all it takes is one single funny text to make someone laugh and remember you. There is a whole new set of techniques in how often, what style, what teaser, and when to text that can influence your brand. But, you can text people too much. It could be considered a form of direct marketing, and so of course you need a call to action. What we are looking at here is to tantalize and tease her/him. Bring out your brand personality and always leave her/him wanting more. Texting is a great seduction tool if you know the right techniques.

It is easy to envision using texting to engage an audience in entertainment, particularly terrestrial radio to interact with live programs, a new revenue stream too. Local politicians can use this to drive engagement with constituents because people could use it to send complaints to their local elected official as most people would not take the time to write a letter and make a phone call after the event.

Or, here is an innovative idea. You can build a business with this overnight. Starting a SMS–based training services. Whether it is for improving your general social skills, seduction skills, customer service skills, negotiation, self-improvement and even language skills etc. Or an SMS-based MBA? Anytime and anywhere. For $10 a month, you can learn new skills anywhere and anytime you want. And each session can be 5 min while you wait for your burger or 30 min while you wait for your flight to take off. I can come up with a list of 50 ideas to offer. May be this should be our next start-up incubation idea?

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Idris MooteeIdris Mootee is the CEO of idea couture, a strategic innovation and experience design firm. He is the author of four books, tens of published articles, and a frequent speaker at business conferences and executive retreats.

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