Happiness Happens Now

Happiness Happens NowI’ve been talking lately about the Age of Now. We’re living in a time of electronic instant everything, constant updates, limitless choices and channels.

According to a new paper by Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert just published in the journal Science, there’s a reason why people strive to live in the moment. Simply, it makes us happier. The Guardian reports: “Happiness is found by living in the now … the benefits of living in the moment are extolled by many philosophical and religious traditions, but until now there has been scant scientific evidence to support the advice.”

The study showed that daydreaming takes away our happiness. People are more likely to be joyful when doing things that involve them in the moment, whether it’s having a conversation, exercising or making love.

It’s a surprisingly obvious outcome in these uncertain economic times, where dwelling on the past or thinking about the future can be huge sources of anxiety.

Satisfaction, pleasure, fun, entertainment, connection and, most importantly, love are things that take us into a fuller moment. For enterprise of all kinds, the inquiry goes: am I creating a magic moment? Am I turning down the volume on yesterday and tomorrow? Am I turning up people’s fun dial – today?

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  1. Karlton G. Kemerait on November 21, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    A short video which I found to be very enlightening on how our brains can synthesize happiness.



  2. Gregory Barsh, Esq. on November 22, 2010 at 11:06 am

    Excellent point Kevin, living in the moment leads us to Happiness. Dwelling on the past, or wandering through disparate memories does not lead to feelings of well being.

    At ruHap, The Happiness company we did a review of the major academic Positive Psychology research since 1998 and found the same general findings in the 14 major points we focused in on.

    3. Appreciate the Moment
    11. Focus.

    The full list of ruHap’s 14 Ways to be Happier Right Now:

    2.Act Happy
    3.Appreciate the Moment
    5.Tiggers, not Eeyores
    6.Set Goals
    7.Help Others
    8.Express Gratitude
    9.↓ TV
    10.Show Compassion
    12.Listen Carefully
    14.Stay Active

    More information on each can be found at https://ruhap.com/content/freeresources/14ways/

    Thanks, and Be Happy,

    Gregory Barsh, Esq.
    Chief Happiness Officer
    ruHap, The Happiness Company
    Follow our blog, How to be Happier, at https://ruhap.com/content/category/blog/
    Twitter: ruHapIndex
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