How to Market Your Marketing Organization

How to Market Your Marketing OrganizationDoes your marketing organization have a brand? Do you have a reputation within the company?

If I asked the sales team what they thought marketing did, what would they say? If we asked your executive team how to describe marketing’s contribution to the business, how would they answer?

If you lead or are part of a marketing team, you have direct control over how they answer. It’s not that different than how the external market thinks about your business, product or service. You can give lip service to what you want them to think all day long, but they’re going to react to and believe what they see, hear, assume, expect and/or experience.

If the sales team thinks your leads suck, then that’s their reality. That’s your brand. You can live with it or fix it. If the CFO thinks you’re mostly about collateral and press releases, or in other words cost center stuff, then that’s her reality (like it or not).

If you want your marketing organization to be seen and thought of as a profit center, you need to do more than talk about it. You need to make sure your priorities, your team, your actions are all focused on driving revenue.

Nobody likes spending time on internal politics, but it’s a reality in even small companies. Your ability to achieve, execute and drive revenue for your organization as a marketer is directly related to how successfully you’ve marketed the marketing team’s role and contribution to revenue-producing priorities & objectives.

Having the right internal brand won’t automatically make your results better, but it will clear hurdles and make the path far easier.

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