Nissan's "Innovation For All" Campaign

Nissan's Innovation for All CampaignA few months ago, Nissan North America launched a marketing campaign called “Innovation for All”, that has since proved to be a very effective campaign. The campaign was intended to highlight some of the major innovations that Nissan has implemented over the years.

Being in the innovation space, this marketing campaign excites me, as it highlights the importance of innovations at the enterprise level; a trend that I think will continue to grow as collaboration and crowd sourcing become more popular. Several companies have already been practicing innovation for quite some time, but again I think this theme will become more mainstream in the near future.

Nissan’s campaign features five television spots that highlight some of the more significant innovations out of Nissan, like their brake override technology.  The first ad spot to be released was an ad that asked some very interesting questions, like “what if cars didn’t need keys? Or what if you could talk to them, with this (showing an image of a Smartphone)?” The second spot, which is called “Baby” shows a man learning he is about to become a father, and stretches his 370Z into a Maxima sports sedan. The third ad spot features a kid playing with a toy Nissan Altima car, and giving it a pretty serious beating, and the car remains unscathed, highlighting some of the innovative safety features they have incorporated over the years. The fourth ad spot is called “Dime” and shows a dime on the ground, with a Nissan speeding up to it in the distance. The car then stops “on a dime”, literally. This commercial highlights the brake override technology that they’ve had in their cars since 2004. The fifth ad spot is called “polar bear” and is really quite nice. This commercial is the preview for the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass market, affordable zero-emission 100 percent electric vehicle. The story behind the ad is that a polar bear sets off on a journey to find the owner of a Nissan LEAF, and ends up thanking him, as his car is protecting the arctic through its eco-friendliness.

You can view all of the ads on Nissan’s YouTube page here and kudos to Nissan for doing such a great job in the innovation space.

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