Testing Your Innovation Instincts

Testing Your Innovation InstinctsLook at the picture of the chairless chair (right) or if you want to see more pictures click here.

Now, examine your feelings: what is your first reaction? Honestly. And the second?

Find in the list below what statements are the closest to your first and second reactions.

  1. No way
  2. Won’t work
  3. Clever way to make 20 bucks by selling a piece of strap to credulous people
  4. Interesting, but I can’t sit cross-legged for more than three minutes
  5. Got to see if someone I know has one
  6. Got to see if I still have this karate belt somewhere, so I can make a quick prototype
  7. I could use one when I go to the park (to read, picnic, watch the kids, etc.)
  8. If I had one I’m sure I would find new uses for it that I can’t even think of now

If your first and second reactions are in the 1-4 range, you have a strong tendency to kill new ideas, whether yours or someone else’s. Better you stay out of the creativity stage of the innovation process or learn how to explore new ideas in a non-judgmental way.

If your first reaction is in the 1-4 range and your second in the 5-8 range, you have learned to look beyond the initial judgmental instinct. If you consciously give yourself time to examine your second reaction before reacting to a new idea, you can foster an innovation culture.

If your first and second reactions are in the 5-8 range, you have a natural openness to new ideas, which makes you a great incubator.

If your first reaction is in the 5-8 range and your second in the 1-4 range, please explain!

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Yann Cramer is an innovation learner, practitioner, sharer, teacher. He’s lived in France, Belgium and the UK, he’s travelled six continents to create development opportunities with customers or suppliers, and run workshops on R&D and Marketing. He writes on www.innovToday.com and on twitter @innovToday.

Yann Cramer




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  1. Laura Bergells on June 4, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    My first reaction was:

    “I wonder what that feels like.”

    What does that mean?

  2. Susan Maxwell Stevens on June 5, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    First reaction was #7. Second reaction was #3 without the judgement about the customers. Innovative ideas are great, but you have to move to monetizing the ideas at some point. The earlier you can identify a customer and a price point, the quicker you can build your business plan and get it to market.

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