Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators – Vijay Govindarajan

Here are Vijay Govindarajan’s Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators slides from his presentation at the World Innovation Forum.

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Credit Card Shenanigans

By Braden Kelley | June 16, 2006

It must be great to be in the credit card business in the United States. Demand is relatively inelastic and regulation is lax, so you can charge whatever you want for an interest rate, increase your fees once or twice a year, and make additional money off cash withdrawals and foreign exchange transactions.

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Building an Experience

By Braden Kelley | June 15, 2006

As people become ever more immune to traditional advertising and marketing, branding will become more important. Branding is all about building an emotional connection with customers. Making the decision to follow a strategy focused on building a brand is not without peril, however, as it means that you will have to choose to not do certain things, like pursue a low price strategy.

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