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Innovation is a global phenomenon, I have witnessed this on a daily basis for the past five years. My company MMC has a site that uses rich media to market promising technologies from Federal Laboratories, Universities and Emerging Companies.  We also have metrics so we know who comes and what they watch. They come from all four corners of the globe. How they find out is something of a mystery, we do target and viral marketing, blogs, social media, but that doesn’t account for the sheer variety of visitors. We get scientists, universities , companies, venture groups and government agencies, including the CIA. For a while I began to believe the site was required viewing in China, day and night we would get visitors from the China Science and Technology Network, ChinaNet Shanghai Province Network, Beijing Blue I.T Technologies Co.Ltd., and the ubiquitous ChinaNet Guangdong Province Network.  In some ways it was to be expected, China is an emerging world power and flattening everything in its path. This is also true for India, but I was surprised to see visitors from Indonesia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, New Zealand, the Philippines and even from Pakistan and Iran.   The mullahs with all their power could not suppress the desire to be involved in innovation and creativity.

Recently, there has been a surge in visitors from of all places, Africa, not just South Africa, but places like Kenya and Nigeria.  It goes to show that even in cases where there is instability, a lack of capital and resources, there is the desire to create, to innovate, to help solve the problems of today, to make the world a better place.

Below is a list of the Top 50 visitors for July 2011, based on page views.  Reading over it reminds me that Innovation is not just a local or national endeavor but a global one. The list includes universities and companies, but also town and countries with no host name, probably someone sitting in dusty internet cafe on a DSL or telephone line.  I excluded China, because now I believe that Primetime entertainment in Guangdong Province involves watching and reading about how nanotubes are being used to treat brain cancer or how to build plug and play satellites.

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Blacksburg, VA
University of Nebraska Medical Center
The Drexel University Campus
North Carolina Research and Education Network
Sanofi Pasteur SA, France
Michigan Technological University
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
IPNX Nigeria Ltd
Bergdorf Group Ltd, NL
Norwalk, CA
Silver Springs MD
State Volunteer Mutual, TN
Tata, India
Trend Micro Japan
The Drexel University Campus
Clemson University
Montana State Univ
Netcom Africa Limited
Los Angeles, CA
Dalhousie University, Canada
Nairobi, Kenya
Trend Micro, San Hose
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
University of Berne
DSO Singapore
Hurricane Electric, California
Apple Computer
Headquarters, USAISC
Arizona State University
Mumbai, India
British Columbia, Canada
Bellflower, California
National Cancer Institute
Chapel Hill, NC
University of Alabama
Cary, NC
The Glover Park Group, MD
Portland Oregon
Nairobi Kenya
Luna Innovations, VA
Airbus France, Midi- Pyrenees
California Institute of Technology
Unilever PLC, UK
Montana State University
Globe Forum Sverige AB, Sweden
University of Pittsburgh
University of Toledo

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