A YouTube and Google+ Innovation

A YouTube and Google+ InnovationThanks to some of the people in my Google+ feed, I came across a little hidden innovation that YouTube and Google+ have brought to the social media party – social video watching.

In real life, when people want to watch a show together they either invite them over for a TV night or maybe they hang on the line on their telephone through the whole show chattering away about it.

But now Google+ and YouTube have teamed up to try and recreate the value of watching television, movies, or other video with friends and family.

They’ve made it so that friends can hangout and watch the same YouTube videos at the same time while connected to each other by Google+, and at the same time have created a potential killer app that will drive adoption of Google+ that builds upon the size and strength of the YouTube fan base.

If you don’t know how to do social video watching with YouTube and Google+, it is pretty easy. You go to YouTube find a video you like, then click the share button to expose all of the sharing options. There you will see a new option that says:

“Watch with your friends. Start a Google+ Hangout”

And looks like this:

Google+ YouTube Share Button

Where will things go from here? Hard to say, but I do know that this feature will raise the bar for Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live, Twitter, and the other social networks out there. And, this feature should start a lot of chatter on the web, and eventually probably also make it onto the mass media as well, but only time will tell what kind of takeup this gets. It should be a fun, and social ride. Buckle up! Google+ is about to take off.

Bonus Insight

Mark Ritson, one of my Marketing professors during my MBA course at London Business School, did a study that showed that people tend to leave the room during the commercial breaks when watching television alone, but were more likely stay in the room and watch and discuss the advertisements when watching television with other people. Will this behavior carry over to social online video watching? Does this insight from the off-line world present opportunities for advertisers in the on-line world? What do you think?

Finally if you haven’t already seen these, here are a couple funny Social Media Music Videos:

Funny Social Media YouTube Video #1 — The Google+ Song

Funny Social Media YouTube Video #2 — I Just Texted to Say I Love You

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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is the author of Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. Braden is also a co-founder of Innovation Excellence and founder of Business Strategy Innovation, a consultancy focusing on innovation and marketing strategy.

Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley is a Design Thinking, Innovation and Transformation Consultant, a popular innovation speaker and workshop leader, and helps companies plan organizational changes that are more human and less overwhelming. He is the author of Charting Change from Palgrave Macmillan and Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire from John Wiley & Sons. Braden has been advising companies since 1996, while living and working in England, Germany, and the United States. Braden earned his MBA from top-rated London Business School. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.




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