Taking Chances, Research Scientist as Hero

Working with people and teams in launching new innovation programs is truly an amazing experience. You find heroes in every business who truly bring the “how” of innovation to life. I had the privilege to work with one of these American Heroes recently, and his story inspires me.

He is a baby-boomer research scientist who knew in his bones his organization could innovate – they just needed a process. He took a chance and took his strong belief to the CEO. The CEO, in turn, took a chance and agreed to move forward to find a sustainable process that fit the organization. It wasn’t easy. It didn’t happen overnight. It took time and patience and more research. But in the end, it happened.

What inspires me is the willingness of one person to take a chance and say yes to innovation….yes to change and “yes we’re good, but we can do better than we’re doing today.” This decision is the first step to meaningful change and lasting innovation. It’s the decision to be open to new experiences, asking your colleagues for help and sticking together when things are uncertain. It’s the decision to learn and grow and be better together.

Here’s the punchline. The research scientist, who has already got a number of breakthroughs to his credit, has helped make innovation a priority and focus for his whole organization. And now 200+ people from diverse areas are working together with disciplined, rigorous methods to bring new ideas, products and services to a global industry.

Wondering if this can work in your organization? Take a chance on yourself and the great people around you, and your ability to make innovation a focused program… you never know where it might lead!

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Sara Husk is an Innovation Solution Consultant for Imaginatik who has extensive work experience working with Innovation Central and Imaginatik’s proven innovation processes. A Six Sigma Green belt, she is passionate about collaborative problem solving and innovation You can follow her on Twitter @innovationgal

Sara Husk




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