Weekend Mashup 9-4-11!

Here’s a new feature — a quirky list of news from around the blogosphere that entertained, inspired, and provoked us:

1.  Seth Godin’s precise observational generosity: particularly his sharing of “a fascinating, generous and over-the-top-in-a-good-way article on infographics by Ed Fry.” We’d loved it too! Worth bookmarking!

2. Karl Rove’s OpEd piece in the Wall Street Journal In the US we love it when Republicans and Democrats agree! So Rare! So Important! Especially on a non-partisan topic like Veterans’ Transition. Veterans from all militaries are an untapped source of innovation, and the American Corporate Partners are taking a great step to help connect them to companies.

3. Fast Company’s reporting on an “Ebay for Science” On second thought, why can’t research be bought by the drink? Another shout out for aggregating global talent. Calling all unemployed scientists! Researchers! Science Fair leaders!

4. And, from the “what’s so funny bout peace love and understanding corner” we cannot end the week without noting that President Obama will go live Thursday in a prime-time address before Congress and the US public to outline a new round of “urgent” economic stimulus measures. With this week’s US jobs report (stalled at zero growth) we’re all ears!

5. Finally, in next week’s feature, Global Innovator and author Donna Sturgess (GSK, Buyology) will weigh in on the role of Anticipatory Thinking. Knowing Donna, we’re anticipating that!

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Julie Anixter




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