Innova Latino Report Shows Region Leapfrogging

For the InnovaLatino Survey, released by INSEAD and the Development Center of the OECD, more than 1,500 manufacturing firms from eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay) were surveyed to compile the InnovaLatino Report which documents Latin America’s tech-readiness and was funded by Fundación Telefónica.

Latin America faces numerous geographical and geopolitical challenges and generally suffers low rankings as a result. But this is not the whole picture; indeed, the contrast between popular conception and underlying activity only serves to make the region’s technological “leapfrogging” all the more impressive.

Lourdes Casanova, INSEAD lecturer in comparative management and one of the authors of InnovaLatino, made the following assessment:

“We [tend to] measure innovation in very traditional ways. We measure in terms of investments, in R&D, in patents, in the number of Ph.D.-holders, and in the number of published work.” The InnovaLatino report’s findings show that these measurements are insufficient to create a true picture of potential in Latin America, and that despite traditionally low rankings, there is a high level of innovation that doesn’t appear in the rankings. “Capturing innovation [in Latin America] does not come from traditional sources,” she states.

Learn more about the study here.

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