Weekend Mashup 9-10-11

Weekend Mashup 9-10-11

As this week wraps up on the tenth anniversary of 9-11 we are deluged and provoked by reflection and remembrance — especially here in New York and D.C.   To quote Kurt Anderson quoting Freud — there are three ways to deal with loss: inebriating substances, satisfying activities, and deflection. This week’s mashup includes some of all of the above:

  1. Ben Bernanke, Fed Chief, in Friday’s New York Times said that U.S. consumers are “depressed beyond reason or expectation.” An innovation opportunity if there ever was one, though an Irish tourist told me in D.C. this week that “you just aren’t used to bad economies, like the rest of the world.”
  2. Reason not to be depressed: Innovation Excellence blogger discovery of the week: Venessa Miemis’s Emergent by Design where she welcomes “fellow travelers, visionaries, and agents of change” examining our global society in transition. Miemis has a poignant and fresh take:  “Many of our traditional institutions are failing or just broken. The narrative is broken. The idea of ‘us verse them’ doesn’t work when the realization is made that we are all co-existing in an interdependent set of systems. We are now in the process of telling a new story about how civilization can function in a way that incorporates sustainable practices and leads to resilient and thrivable societies.” Like I said.  Not depressing.
  3. From The Department of  Narrative NPR Three Minute Fiction Competition judge Danielle Evans, author of Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, says there are only two:  “Guy rides into town.  Guy leaves town.” And those are the topics of the competition.  Listen to more here.
  4. Alec Baldwin, drunk apparently on love, declares he’d rather travel the world with new girlfriend than be “hand-cuffed to the emergency command center in Maspeth during a hurricane.”  A defacto ‘I am not running for mayor’ moment. Too bad — his ability to do the narrative would have been wonderful to watch.
  5. Opening tonight at the San Francisco Opera,  The Heart of a Solider. A tribute and rite of passage for one of the many who died on 9-11, Rick Rescorla, (seen in the photo above) was a British-born adventurer who fought in Vietnam before becoming head of security for a brokerage firm at the World Trade Center.  “On September 11, 2001, his extraordinary courage and calmness in a crisis paid off: Rescorla led all of the 2,700 people under his care to safety—literally singing them down the stairs—before heading back into the burning building for one last check.”  He, like so many that are being remembered this weekend, never emerged.  Listen here.

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Julie Anixter is Chief Innovation Officer at Maga Design and the managing editor and a founder of Innovation Excellence.

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