Who inspires you?

Who inspires you?Are you inspired by people like you, or people better than you?

We all look to others for inspiration. For ideas to emulate. To improve our personal and professional performance. But we go about that differently.

Some of us look to those who are already well ahead of us. We look up, so to speak, at their performance and level of success and try to figure out what made that happen, and how we could walk in a similar oath.

Others look for people more like them. Similar people, perhaps more believable people. In this case, there’s a sense that achieving what they’ve achieved is more realistic, more attainable.

If you’re a small business, do you look to enterprise organizations for best practices? Are you inspired by what they’ve achieved? Or do you easily get intimidated and discouraged by the gap between you, and the likely resources required (and available) on their part to execute?

Or, as a small business, do you look to other organizations about your size. Run by people you can relate to. Doing little things, smarter things, better things that feel more attainable and achievable.

There’s probably not a right answer to this, nor do you have to choose. But inspiration without action and follow-up isn’t going to get you anywhere.

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Matt HeinzMatt Heinz is principal at Heinz Marketing, a sales & marketing consulting firm helping businesses increase customers and revenue. Contact Matt at matt@heinzmarketing.com or visit www.heinzmarketing.com.

Matt Heinz




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