Weekend Mashup 9-18-11

Confidence is a mystical thing.”  I don’t know who said it but I know that I heard it on NPR as I headed out to work Friday and listened to their report on consumer confidence and the market.  It struck me as not just true, but a place — geographically, economically and emotionally speaking — that innovators can, and must, make their mark.  Is innovation the antidote or at least the point-counterpoint to depression?  I think  yes.  This week’s mashup shows how some companies and countries are facing hard situations with novel and or counterintuitive approaches:

The good, the bad, and the ugly of demand creationTarget’s event-sale of Missoni over delivered on buzz and undelivered on supply, generating ill will that even some junior analyst might have modeled and predicted, right?  Clearly after decades of making whimsical zig zag outlier fashion – Missoni is missing an opportunity to go mass.

Labor won’t like it! But what might our economy learn from  German’s “mini jobs” and the counterintuitive work of allowing workers and employers to “date” (and think of all the first dates you went on that made you say no to a second!) that Germany’s Hartz Commission for Modernizing the Labor Market gave to Germany and lowered unemployment through the reforms that flipped the German employment model on its head.  Thanks Planet Money.

Whither P&G? Many of us in the innovation community have worked with them and watch them.   A Wall Street Journal story this week captured the company’s pessimism about the middle class and move towards readjusting its portfolio strategy to the top and bottom strata.  Why don’t the big “I” innovators like P&G, IBM, Apple, and Google just admit that they could shape shift and put University of Phoenix and give every executive education program a real challenge if they ever got into the business of selling capability building.  Because they could.

Don’t go too low…because you can look forward to our exclusive interview with Tom Peters tomorrow on Excellence NOW, also the name of his new book…just in time to back into the work week with a head of steam and the ranting energy of  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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https://www.disruptorleague.com/community/profile/julie-anixterJulie Anixter is Chief Innovation Officer at Maga Design and managing editor and a co-founder of Innovation Excellence along with Braden Kelley, Rowan Gibson and Dean Debiase.

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