Digitizing Innovation at P&G

P&G has always been a numbers and modeling company, though there have been some attempts in recent years to move it sharply into a design direction.  I think there are lots of opportunities to meld the two together. Here in the McKinsey Quarterly, is a good view of the current direction. We will continue to watch how P&G operates and evolves the analytics layer of enterprise innovation.

Digitizing Innovation at P&G

” … Robert McDonald is a CEO on a mission: to make Procter & Gamble the most technologically enabled business in the world. To get there, the 31-year company veteran and former US Army captain is overseeing the large-scale application of digital technology and advanced analytics across every aspect of P&G’s operations and activities—from the way the consumer goods giant creates molecules in its R&D labs to how it maintains relationships with retailers, manufactures products, builds brands, and interacts with customers. The prize: better innovation, higher productivity, lower costs, and the promise of faster growth…. “

A number of good examples are included to show how data is being gathered, digital simulations being created, and models utilized. Good reading, and to my understanding, accurate. This shows how business analytics has been and will become a yet stronger means of running enterprise innovation.

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Franz Dill spent 30 years with the Procter & Gamble Company, most recently as Chief Global Scientist for Analytics, and as an emergent technologist. He founded P&G’s groundbreaking contextual innovation centers, now with over sixteen centers world-wide. He is now an active consultant on business intelligence in marketing, retail innovation, human capital, and knowledge management. He covers emerging technologies in depth at the eponymouspickle You can follow him on Twitter at @franzd.

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