mHealth and Sustainable Change

mHealth and Sustainable Change  Not many of us have an extra hour to spare, but one Twitter chat that you may want to squeeze into your schedule is #leadershipchat on Tuesday evenings at 8PM EST, co-hosted by author and CEO of C-Level Strategies, Inc., Lisa Petrilli and, The Connection Agent, Steve Woodruff.  Last night, the subjects were – Is It Too Late For Today’s CEOs? and The Future of Leadership – with guest hosts Ted Coine (@tedcoine) and Shawn Murphy (@shawmu).  You’ll find that this chat is fast moving and most participants have executive experience under their belts.  Last night’s content prompted me to the larger questions that face healthcare executives – what are the solutions that will help our healthcare system in an industry that has been slow to innovate?

The answers will not come from the top down old guard, but from those companies and leaders that are investing in innovation to adapt to the changing needs and behaviors of the consumer.  This week in Washington, D.C. at the mHealth Summit, Richard Migliori, EVP of UnitedHealth Group, emphasized that sustainable change will come from tools that will help the health system perform better – tools that adapt to the patient’s lifestyle and the physician’s workflow.  During his exceptional presentation he made the following statements that capture the value of mHealth:

  1. We see mHealth as being the best promise for creating sustainable change within healthcare
  2. We must do more than increase access… it must be affordable
  3. mHealth is a means to connect with actionable information
  4. We have invested in high powered analytics, to help us understand the needs of individuals; we can get down to the issues of what they have, what’s been done for them, and still what needs to be done – the problem has been getting people to pay attention to that information
  5. mHealth tools, those personal communication devices, where people have adopted them into their lifestyle – a year ago it was promising, now it is delivering

Regarding the future of leadership in the healthcare sector, sustainable change will come from those leaders that invest in good ideas that factor lifestyle into the innovation equation.  While today’s CEOs stand to lose a lot if they are not equipped with a rapid product development team or neglect to design solutions around the “social” side of how people interact – the biggest mistake will be not realizing that innovation is possible beyond the halls of the C-Suite.

“We believe that there is no more powerful force for innovation than America’s entrepreneurs…”
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services – mHealth Summit, 2011

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