Jan 5 Deadline for Young European Innovators US Tour

Jan 5 Deadline for Young European Innovators to Tour USThe European Young Innovators Forum announces Innotour USA, 12-22, February 2012, and invites those who are interested to apply by 5 January!

The European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) is a non-profit, pan-European platform launched in July 2010 to give voice to a community of young innovators who believe in the value of shared ideas and shared risks.  EYIF’s mission is to encourage young Europeans to be boldly innovative, and to develop their ideas into real projects and ventures.

The tours organizers see this an opportunity to address the dual challenges of Europe’s innovation deficit and youth unemployment.

In order to inspire European youth and expose them to the best practices of innovation, EYIF is now organizing Innotour USA, an intensive ten-day study tour of major American centers of innovation such as Silicon Valley and Boston. The tour from 12 to 22 February will start in Washington DC and include a full program of visits and meetings. All travel expenses within the USA will be paid by the U.S. State Department which is sponsoring the trip.

EYIF has launched a competition to select the Innotour participants. Details, eligibility criteria and application form are on the EYIF website www.eyif.eu. Young innovators and entrepreneurs in Europe are encouraged to apply by the deadline of 5 January 2012. For further information visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/innotourusa or contact us at innotourusa@eyif.eu

Editors Note: We were made aware of this opportunity when one of the EYIF executives, Larry Moffett joined our LinkedIN group, which continues to be the source of many such “meet-ups.”  We are delighted to serve as a platform for connecting innovators to opportunities like these.

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