It’s About Time

Its about timeIt’s About Time and the Innovations That Govern Its Use

Media and marketing is awash in data and metrics.  So much so that it is nearly impossible to productively process and use it all when making decisions.

But there’s one measure that is instructive – and that’s how much time an individual spends with a particular platform. Time is the one commodity that we have a finite amount of.  So how we choose to expend it is a fairly honest barometer of what is important to us.

Right now, to no great surprise, it’s mobile when it comes to media.

Though we are living in a TraDigital Media World, eMarketer just reported that in 2011 the time consumers spend with mobile media (over an hour each day) will surpass the time spent with print (44 minutes).  Along with the increased amount of time they spent with TV and digital this year, consumers are now spending an astonishing 11 hours and 33 minutes every day with media.

But what are consumers doing on mobile?  Well, we know – as data coming out of Black Friday showed – that they are shopping on smartphones and tablets.  But here’s another astounding milestone just reported. This month, the 1millionth app for a mobile device was introduced. There are now 543 apps for Android platforms released every day and 745 for iPhones and iPads.

If one could possibly review them all, one might undoubtedly find some incredibly innovative and inventive applications.  Because out there someone understands that with that much time being spent on mobile devices an opportunity exists to radically change how we use them and how they govern our lives.

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