Why Creatives Rule – Don't Miss this Andy Award PSA

Just Watch the Andy Awards PSA

There is a reason we love what we love.  Call it the law of attraction, the oldest game in town, or just the pleasure in being moved.   To paraphrase David Kelley, with the exception of Nature, there’s usually a designer/creative behind, well, EVERYTHING.  If the world is turning into one big interface then its creatives like these that float my boat and me smile deep inside, and I daresay, RULE.  They also remind us of the indelible connection between innovation and design, and yes, humor.   See what you think.  Maybe even win a prize. Before the world ends!

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Julie Anixter is Chief Innovation Officer at Maga Design and the managing editor and co-founder of Innovation Excellence. She worked with Tom Peters for five years on bringing big ideas to big audiences. Now she works with the US Military and other high test innovation cultures that make a difference. On Twitter she is @julieanixter.

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