Excelência na Inovação

Excelência na InovaçãoBoa vinda a nosso grupo novo da inovação!

We are please to announced our new Portuguese language subgroup on Linkedin graciously moderated by Cristina Caiado Rocha and Filipa Soares:

Excelência na Inovação — Click this link to join

We have created this group to give our considerable number of Portuguese speakers a place to have innovation discussions and to share articles published in Portuguese and to submit job postings in Portuguese as well.

This 2nd non-English subgroup joins our Spanish language subgroup (~150 members):

Excelencia en la Innovación — Click this link to join

We hope to add other non-English sub-groups to our 10,300+ member Innovation Excellence group on Linkedin as soon as we identify moderators that we can trust.

If you would like to volunteer to moderate a new non-English subgroup, please contact us at editor@innovationexcellencebeta.wpcomstaging.com (we are targeting French, German, Chinese, and Japanese next but are open to others).

P.S. Our Linkedin Today page already has ~800 followers – https://www.linkedin.com/today/innovationexcellence.com – Are you one of them?

All the best,

Braden Kelley
Innovation Excellence Co-Founder

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