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If you think the hyper-connected 3.0, aka the Internet of Things won’t affect you or your enterprise, you are wrong. A new video just surfaced and it’s not some overly produced HD film showcasing prospective future technology interfaces, chock full of CGI graphics and good looking people. Nope, this takes place in what seems to be a nice apartment, filmed on one camera, in what appears to be one take. This one, 2+ minute video shows all of us what happens when you take several existing technologies and fuse them together to create a brand new experience. It is the very definition of value creation and modern innovation and it is the one video that brings the Internet of Things into our living rooms, or as you’ll see, perhaps more appropriately, to our local grocer.

There is so much to discuss here so let’s just dive in:

  • Do you think when Microsoft first introduced Kinect they ever envisioned this?

My guess is no. Perhaps some at Microsoft knew hacks like this would come to pass and allowing for open development on top of the Kinect platform would lead to innovations such as this, but I’d bet a dozen doughnuts they never quite thought of this unique combination.

  • How many industries and sectors within can you name that can be impacted by this exact application of the smart shopping cart?
  1. Retail (obviously)
  2. Health & Wellness (not just recognizing the gluten-filled purchase but beyond to the persuasive nudging of the user to purchase healthier items tied to quantified-self applications)
  3. Predictive Analytics – The smart cart understood where the shopper should go next.
  4. Marketing – That display screen is an unbelievable opportunity to advertise via a compelling medium to an individual at the exact moment in time the brand wants to reach the consumer.
  5. Mobile – Do you think there are interesting ways your mobile can communicate with that display screen to further enhance the experience? I do.
  6. Social – We share everything already. Wouldn’t we share purchases and ask for social recommendations on products if we could?
  7. Accessibility – Perhaps the blind or others who have an accessibility need could benefit greatly from this fused innovation.

And this is simply using the innovation for the very purpose proposed in the video, as a smart shopping cart. Take this fused invention out of field and it’s easy to imagine a lab technologist, or soldier, or environmental scientist interfacing with a machine that could deliver real-time analyses & pertinent information while helping to eliminate human error.

The era of smart devices has begun and it will impact your enterprise.

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