The Cube – Strata Conference 2012

The Cube – Strata Conference 2012 – Tim O’Reilly, with John Furrier and Dave Vellante. The topics range from technology and energy to business intelligence and the future economy. The perspectives on building human capital are especially interesting and relevant.

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Raising a Glass to Courage, Simplicity, and Conviction

By Shawn Nason | December 24, 2020

No matter how you’ve been affected by all the disruptive events of the past year, I think you’ll agree that…

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How Self-Compassion Can Help You Finish 2020 Strong

By Shawn Nason | December 15, 2020

I’m calling on you to give yourself the gift of grace this year—and to extend it into 2021. Stop obsessing over your failures and start reminding yourself of your accomplishments. This isn’t for vanity; it’s for sanity. 

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