Have Fun At Work!

Have fun at workFun is no longer part of the business equation. Our focus on productivity, quality, and cost has killed it. Killed it dead. Vital few, return on investment, Gantt charts, project plans, and criminal number one – PowerPoint.  I can’t stand it.

What happens when you try to have a little fun at work?

People look at you funny. They say: What’s wrong with you? Look! You’re smiling, you must be sick. (I hope you’re not contagious.) Don’t put us at ease, or we may be creative, be innovative, or invent something.

We’ve got it backward.  Fun is the best way to improve productivity (and feel good doing it), the best way to improve work quality (excitement and engagement in the work), and the best way to reduce costs (and feel good doing it.)  Fun is the best way to make money.

Have fun at work

When we have fun we’re happy. When we’re happy we are healthy and engaged.  When we’re healthy we come to work (and do a good job.) And when we’re engaged everything is better.

Maybe fun isn’t what’s important. Maybe it’s all the stuff that results from fun. Maybe you should find out for yourself.  Maybe you should have some fun and see what happens!

imagecredit: thinkbeta & shellyconfini

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  1. Peter Cook on March 23, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Playfulness – both mental and physical are vital ingredients for creativity and innovation – thanks for this post. This dimension is referred to in the post on Andy Warhol and the Innovation Factory – see https://www.disruptorleague.com/blog/2012/03/17/andy-warhol-and-the-innovation-factory/


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