Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed DoorsIt may be time to retire the term “mobile media” and replace it with “personal media.”  Because what is happening behind closed doors in homes across American is not so much mobile as, well, personal.

According to a study recently released from mobile ad server MoPub, more folks are playing games on their mobile devices at home than they are out of home.  I admit, my wife caught me playing Angry Birds way to late on my iPad the other night.

That’s coupled with an analysis that shows this year more video will be watched online than from a physical source.  Meaning Netflix, HuluPlus and others will be reaching a tipping point this year that will see the gradual assignment of DVD and Blu-Ray to the dustbin of technology history.  The analysis does not specify on what all this online video is being watched, but I think there’s an excellent chance it’s on mobile media and that it is being watched at home. (TV, meet dustbin).  I can’t remember the last time I watched an HBO episode on my TV since HBOGO came on the scene, which lets me watch what, where and when I want on any device.

behind closed doors

So, once again, we consumers find better applications for technology than what it was originally marketed for.  Yes, it’s great to have platforms that are mobile.  But consumers always want their content to be “personal.”  For consumers, these platforms are just better for gaming and video than game consoles and computers because these prevent the user from “holding” the content in their hand, making it less personal.

Perhaps we should start talking about “personal” media, rather than mobile media.  And by doing so, hopefully content producers will begin to adapt and innovate as they realize how this platform is really being used – behind closed doors.

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