It's Like Free Money

It's Like Free MoneyYes, you read the headline right and no this is not a get rich quick scheme. Last October, President Obama issued a directive to all Federal Agencies to accelerate the commercialization of promising technologies created in Federal Laboratories. Here is the link:

For businesses big and small, entrepreneurs and investors it amounts to the closest thing in innovation to free money. Billions of dollars have been spent by these Federal Laboratories creating technologies, and by law they have to commercialize them. This month the US Army Medical and Materiel Command (known as AMEDD) has initiated a pilot in partnership with TEDCO and MMC Productions of Chapel Hill to make people aware of the thousands of technologies it has ready to be commercialized.

The US Army Medical Command is the leading agency in the fight against infectious diseases. But, its mandate is much broader. Their mission is to protect the war fighter. So that means inventing tents that are light to carry and keep out bugs, it means creating high protein energy bars, it means devising simple easy to use bite blocks, tourniquets, medical devices to measure sleep requirements, portable electronic devices that can carry medical records. Those are just a few of literally thousands of technologies. Here is the best part, not only have AMEDD spent billions of dollars creating and testing them, they also will buy them back when commercialized at fair market rate.

The deal gets even better. They have partnership intermediates that will help prospective companies, entrepreneurs and others write business plans if investment is needed. They also offer partnerships. So let’s summarize, the US Army Medical and Materiel Command has thousands of technologies tested and ready for market, they are not just the licensee but the first customer and they help with getting additional investor funding and offer partnerships. That is the closest thing you will find in innovation to free money. So, if you are interested go to:

You will find a short video that shows samples of a few of these technologies, banners when clicked take you to their portal and there is an email link to contact them. So what are you waiting for?

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