Needs Seekers on Matterhorn

Needs Seekers on MatterhornYou think the Matterhorn, this cute mountain in Switzerland is boring? Think again!

What you see if you check the following videos is breathtaking – I have not seen anything like this until recently. Even 10 years ago when I did 600 skydives I would not have believed such unbelievable action could take place.

And, it is a perfect example of the most promising innovation strategy: Need Seekers. All of the following examples look like being technology driven innovation. Yes, it is true – and no, the technology would not exist without the need of these guys – the need for speed:

Jeb Corliss and friends fly the Matterhorn

When I started skydiving in 1998 or so, Patrick de Gayardon set new standards by flying the Grand Canyon with a wing suit. Jeb Corliss now set a new benchmark by flying the Matterhorn with some friends:

Jeb makes use of the technical progression of wing suits. Patrick developed this wing suits initially and all subsequent development was done by skydivers as to my knowledge. They made technology fit their need. I cross fingers that Jeb continues to survive and not crashes again in a mountain.

Ueli Steck is up first

Less than 2 hours to climb the Matterhorn. Ueli uses dry-tooling – a new technology to connect to the mountain, working best in winter times. Only insane peope used to climb mountains in winter.

I read Ueli Steck’s book titled Speed and understand – it is all about training and dedication. He has countless numbers of crampons and ice axes. He drives technology to adapt to his needs.

Team black sheep – FPV

FPV – I never heared of it before I found above videos. First Person View, or FPV,  is about the remote control of cameras combined with rocket like planes.

In this case, technology was around: cameras and drones. Team black sheep combines it to create this astonishing video.

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Juergen H StaeudtnerJuergen H. Staeudtner is owner of Cridon, a consultancy and agency for innovation. He has held various positions in management consulting and in line organizations since 1993. He holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering, business administration and fine arts.

Juergen H Staeudtner




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