Pinterest + Innovation = Pint-ovation

Pinterest + Innovation = Pint-ovation Pint-ovation = Pinterest + Innovation  (+ Justin Bieber! )

32 million users a month…2nd only to Facebook (on time spent monthly)…what is the innovative engine driving the Pinterest? And how do you monetize it?

Patrick Meyer breaks it open using his “innovation out of insight” viewpoint…with a little assistance from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, and their Pinterest showcased viral video (yes, the same song being used by the US Olympic team now).

The insight: bulletin boards and scrap books have always let people express themselves to their family and friends. Yet in 2012, the opportunity is to do that in a new, quicker, simpler way in our digitally enhanced and social lifestyles.

The Innovation: expressive boards and one-click pinning of pics, quotes, videos, based on our passions and others with similar zest! Equally important, Pinterest is being smartly and efficiently used to drive brands/businesses as people click on a pic and then go to websites and ecommerce purchase options.`

Be ready, this PatrickTV episode is done in the spirit and fun of Bieber and his friends.

image credit: idolator

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 Introducing PatrickTV - Innovation 3.0Patrick Meyer is the Global Correspondent for Innovation Excellence, and an Innovation and Business 3.0 Expert, Author and Keynote Speaker. He is the founder of PatrickTV and The CEO Futurist – Delivering The Future Now. Follow him at @PatrickMeyer and

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