Disruptive Innovation and Punk Rock

Disruptive Innovation and Punk RockThis video is a feature from BBC News on Punk Rock Business and disruptive innovation. This event, set up in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and the Open University, delivered to 100 senior managers across a range of sectors dealt with issues such as:

What is disruptive innovation?

How can disruptive innovation be used by your business?

In the world of music, how did the advent of Punk Rock in 1976 act as a disruptive innovation that was them mainstreamed later on through bands like Green Day, Linkin Park and through fashion brands?

What parallel lessons may be drawn from the music and business worlds about innovation?

Our next event is in partnership with a business school and Richard Strange, the Godfather of Punk, according to Johnny Rotten.

image credit: humdyn.co.uk

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Peter Cook is Rock’n’Roll Innovation Editor at Innovation Excellence. He leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, and provides Keynote speaking, Organisation Development and Business Coaching. You can follow him on twitter @Academyofrock and contact him for a copy of his book Punk Rock Business.

Peter Cook




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