Reboot Education to Accelerate the Entrepreneurial Movement & Innovation Economy

Reboot Education to Accelerate the Entreprenurial Movement & Innovation EconomyOver the last decade I have worked with Congress and The Administration, through various organizations like           TechNetSINETCEC/1871, DeVry and NIU and many other groups to help improve America’s competitiveness in the highly competitive and global innovation economy. Our initiatives have ranged from H1B’s, so we can keep the foreign students, graduating from our colleges and universities, to join our high-tech work force and/or start new companies here, to improving our STEM Education results so we can graduate American kids in critical tech. jobs that still go unfilled.

After decades of work across public/private partnerships, it seems our STEM efforts still have a long way to go if we are to train, educate and collaborate with our next science, technology, engineering and math graduates. We seemed to have created and ecosystem around STEM with hundreds of programs and dozens of summits discussing the issues–from training the teachers to encouraging students to pursue a STEM educational journey. That is all OK, but more focus is needed on the results–specifically what we are doing to create the next-generation of inventors and entrepreneurs after high school– in the post secondary market. This sector of our educational system really needs a reboot–more on that soon.

I think there is something missing from our high school though post secondary STEM programs. Something that would better prepare our students for the competitive global economy. I think they also need to be equipped with the skills that can bring it all together for them–entrepreneurship. So lets reboot it, and for those of you who look for the next acronym, we can call it STEEM.

STEEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Math. With innovative entrepreneurial curriculum in the mix, we can get to work on developing the best equipped generation to help lead the next phase of growth of our innovation economy.

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Dean DeBiaseA serial CEO and innovation speaker, Dean DeBiase is the Chairman and CEO of, co-founder of and Innovation Excellence, and a co-author of The Big Moo.

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