Material ConneXion – the Value of Connecting Material+ Science

Material ConneXion  - the Value of Connecting+ Material+ ScienceI like transitions, the feeling of traveling between places. This was the case recently when I left New Mexico to fly to New York as the last days of November were disappearing into December. New York was particularly balmy, all the more noticeable coming from the high dessert.  Geographically and texturally, the space of New York is undeniably not New Mexico.  Colors, shapes and textures vary greatly. I was enjoying this feeling of transition as I stepped onto Madison Avenue and through the doors of Material ConneXion.

Self-described as a global materials consultancy with the world’s largest library of innovative materials & processes, Material ConneXion is – simply stated – a very cool place.  The well-designed showroom/library feels like an open innovation lab where discovery, learning and innovative materials can be touched and seen and explored in depth. A few hours at Material ConneXion sharpened the focus, for me, of Henry Chesbrough’s description of Open Innovation:

“Open Innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate innovation. With knowledge now widely distributed, companies cannot rely entirely on their own research, but should acquire inventions or intellectual property from other companies when it advances the business model.

[This paradigm] assumes that firms can and should use external ideas as well as internal  ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as they look to advance their technology.”

Chesbrough’s message inhabits Material ConneXion – from people to mission, and yes — materials.

I went to New York to attend Material ConneXion’s IGNITION launch. IGNITION is a new premium membership designed to jump start disruptive innovation opportunities via hands on participation, cross-pollination of ideas, and curated stimuli based on research, market insights, and cutting-edge Science.

To learn more about Material ConneXion and the IGNITION Premium Membership for 2013, contact Tiffany Vasilchik at: or 1-212-842-2050

For our premium member discount, use code: innovation excellence.

The Slideshow I assembled is meant to share some of the evening with you — hope you’ll enjoy it!

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