Innovation Quotes of the Week – Jan. 6, 2013

Innovation Quotes of the Week - Nov. 4, 2012

Happy New Year All. This week we continue a featured series of some of our favorite innovation-related quotes. Click on author name for access to the article. And, please contribute your favorite innovation quotes in the comments and we’ll feature the best submissions in next week’s Innovation Quotes of the Week.

“There are no old roads to new directions.”

Gijs van Wulfen

“Let employees speak about the nature and value of their own ideas.”

Drew Boyd

“Get the Picture, Stay Charged, Zoom In and Plow the Pipeline.”

Donna Sturgess

“Nature stores many business success lessons for those smart enough to see them.”

Jocelyn Atkinson and Michael Graber

” The analytic techniques of 2012 will quite frankly not cut it.”

Steve Todd

“After torrid voting and much passionate support, gut-wrenching consideration and jostling, I am proud to announce your Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2012:”

Braden Kelley

“What stands out in the McKinsey report? There is no uniformed view on innovation organizational design.”

Paul Hobcraft

“People who rush into a brainstorming session starving for new ideas will miss the boat .”

Mitch Ditkoff

“Renaming the C-Suite is vital.”

Luis Gallardo

“Blindly following trends is for suckers.”

Greg Satell

“Many workplaces are enclaves of aiding and abetting immature, disrespectful, even harmful behavior. “

Deborah Mills-Scofield

“Crisis are the best time for era-defining innovations to emerge.”

Yann Cramer

“Cost and function are joined at the hip, so measure engineering on both.”

Mike Shipulski

“Innovation, value and pricing are inseparable.”

Stephan Liozu

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Innovation Quotes of the Week – Dec. 16, 2012Mari Anixter is Managing Editor for Innovation Excellence. She is a communications professional living in New Mexico.

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  1. Bill Harte on January 8, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    So true… “Innovation, value and pricing are inseparable”

  2. Alix on January 8, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    I love the D. Mills-Scofield quote.

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