Little “i” Innovation – Why Small Ideas Matter as much as Big Ones

When it comes to design-led innovation, we love the big idea — those breakthrough inventions that signal a disruptive change. But these big ideas are rarely the result of a single moment of genius. Instead, it comes from the culmination of smaller ideas, developed over time, from the minds of many. The ideas that really stick in our fast-paced digital world are the ones that “live in beta” — embracing a culture of learning, adapting and improving everyday. In Little “i” Innovation, we will explore how the process of continual, incremental improvement has been used to develop some of the worlds most innovative and dominant consumer brands.

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  1. Kirsten Osolind on February 22, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    Great presentation and we agree in many regards — at RE:INVENTION we call this “everyday inventive and reinventive.” Little things mean alot. We’ve written about it on our blog numerous times. We’ve created a list of 102 everyday inventive and reinventive tips on Twitter: And we use our proprietary “everyday inventive and reinventive” diagnostic test with Clients — we’ve recently started compiling scores by industry, company size, company age, and geography for data comparison and benchmarking purposes.

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