New Feature – Innovation or Not?

New Feature - Innovation or Not?If you look at The Eight I’s of Infinite Innovation, inspiration sits at the center of the infinity symbol and leads to Investigation and the other six elements of the framework, and where does inspiration come from? From collecting new dots or connecting them in new ways. As a result we will be bringing you a series of potential inspirations to ponder as to whether they are innovations or not.

We all know that every day many new products and services are invented. Whether each one is an innovation or not is an interesting question. And if nothing else, seeing some of these new things from around the world from a variety of industries can spark curiosity, new patterns of thinking, and maybe even act as inspiration for your innovation efforts.

It is because of these potential beneficial impacts that we will be bringing you a variety of Innovation or Not? posts from time to time going forward. You will be able to easily access these in the current site design in the lower left of the home page.

In case you missed the first seven Innovation or Not? postings, here they are:

  1. Chinese Virtual Supermarkets
  2. Adding to Online Baskets from Anywhere
  3. Lighting Way to Safety with LED Bicycle Wheels
  4. Glow in the Dark Bicycles
  5. Flexible Speaker Rolls Up
  6. Amazon Launches Virtual Currency
  7. HydroICE Solar – Future Innovation or Not?

Very soon we hope to add a thumbs-up and thumbs-down widget to allow people to vote on whether a particular idea, product, or service has the potential to become a new innovation or not.

We will be browsing a variety of trend, design, invention, and inspiration sites for things to share with you. If you would like to share a web site or product, service, or idea that we should consider for inclusion in this feature, please email INNOVATIONORNOT at INNOVATIONEXCELLENCE dot COM. We cannot promise a response, so thank you in advance for your submissions.

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