Beyonce 3.0: Inspiringly Innovative!

Whoa! The Super Bowl celeb star as innovative? Then inspiring-ly so?

You heard it here on Innovation Excellence. When the rest of the music world is working its tired business model, Beyonce is cutting across the grain with her new documentary. And she does with some insights that may help your innovation efforts if you can see through the glitz.

First, I look at her through my I.C.E. lens (borrowing from Rowan Gibson’s Four Lenses thinking).  See video below.

Innovation. Creativity. Entrepreneurship. She uses a fresh, compelling, self captured video (for the first 2/3’s of the documentary) that is innovative. It is social, it is content par excellence, it is captivating for most.

Then, like we all try and do with our innovation efforts, Beyonce the entrepreneur quietly commercializes it all. HBO does the initial release and then HULU, YouTube and other places where you can see it in our fragmented media world. And Beyonce the brand comes to life as she kicks off her world tour.

But there is something else of value that should make innovators pause for a moment. My T.L.I. lens…to Touch, Love and Inspire!  She brings through her heart, delivers an intimacy and powerful emotion. She has messages for people, from her soul and experience…for young girls, women, everyone.

I have built innovation for decades, usually using my i-5 process, to create new brands, car concepts, mobile apps and games, etc. Emotion came out…usually. But I realized that the emotion-heart element, like Beyonce does, is a powerful want in innovation.
It may not be possible in everything. When Steve Jobs had the ability to connect an iPad to what you and your children could do. Bingo! Emotion. Yet, new Tim Cook Apple seems to deliver higher-res as the new thing. So I ask you, does your innovation process and output deliver this powerful element that touches and inspires!

Even if you are not a big Beyonce fan, I hope you reflect a bit on what this innovator has done in an inspiring way.

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