Keith Yamashita #BIF6 Summit: Change, to the Power of Ten

 Keith Yamashita #BIF6 Summit: Change, to the Power of TenEditor’s note: This is the second post in a series curated by the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit storytellers.

Keith Yamashita is considered one of the most influential consultants in the world and one of our very favorite BIF Summit storytellers. He took the #BIF6 Summit stage with several questions: Is it really worth daring to be great? When the world and all of its systemic problems can be so overwhelming, how do we stay nourished and alive?

“I do believe that people enter this world with a certain amount of greatness. So many people, through the pressures of society or the way we’re educated, unlearn that greatness. They fritter it away. They start limiting themselves.” To minimize the potential fallout from system shifts and to maximize the positive impact we can have on the world, Yamashita urges a return to authenticity.

The positive exponential effect of all of this authenticity and self-awareness arises when individuals begin working together. Yamashita encourages his clients to build “powerful duo relationships” because “the duo is the smallest atomic unit where trust is built.” The duo requires one of the trickiest human emotions: trust.

With competent, self-aware individuals who relate to others on the basis of that trust, an organization has the potential to expand by the power of ten. Yamashita sees a universe where companies design their own destinies by connecting purposefully to a wider array of players in order to work on a tougher set of problems.

Watch Keith Yamashita’s story here:

And follow the inspiration at the #BIF9 Summit.

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