Innovation Quotes of the Week – May 25, 2013

Innovation Quotes of the Week – May 18, 2013 This week we continue a featured series of some of our favorite innovation-related quotes. Click on author name to link to their article. And, please contribute your favorite innovation quotes in the comments and we’ll feature the best submissions in next week’s Innovation Quotes of the Week.

” Business growth should be viewed as a formal business discipline and not simply the function of chance or random acts; however inspired or well intentioned!”

Keary Crawford

” We often forget about the human component in the excitement over data tools….while money will be invested in software tools and hardware, let me suggest the human investment is more important.”

Jim Stikeleather

“We’re on the brink of a new digital paradigm, where the capabilities of our technology are beginning to outstrip our own.”

Greg Satell

“the modelH CoCreation Forum aims to create a business model canvas specifically for healthcare.

Kevin Riley

“If you want to innovate with a process or a service then try focusing on this word: rearrange.”

Paul Sloane

“Other companies, more innovative ones, use signals coupled with a healthy dose of shoshin to generate new ideas.

Stephan Liozu

No one has still cracked the code to design a ‘Smart TV’ and make it an unforgettable experience!

Nicolas Bry

As for employee engagement slowing us down, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Holly Green

“I could not have imagined, in a million years, that I would end up co-founding a hedge fund with Clayton Christensen.’

Whitney Johnson

Yes we are still coming after your sector.”

Dean DeBiase

We’re actually on the cusp of the most innovative period in human history.

Vivek Wadhwa

Craig Hatkoff, thank you for bringing all these fantastic disruptors to our attention.  Now, how do we share them writ large in all the other tiny corners of the world?”

Julie Anixter

Could the IRS  exploit the current Opportunity Window?

Seth Kahan

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