Tony Hsieh #BIF6 Summit: success story revealed

Editor’s note: Saul Kaplan says that “Tony Hsieh’s #BIF6 Summit talk is by far Business Innovation Factory’s very favorite summit story.This short video is classic Tony Hseih worth viewing or reviewing.

With a desire to spend 10% of his time studying the structured elements of what makes all of us happy, Hsieh built around something that, for a certain group of people, just plain works.

“While there’s been a lot of talk over the years about work life separation or work life balance, our whole thing is about work life integration. Because it’s just life – and the ideal would be if you can be the same person at home as you are in the office and vice versa.”

Mid-way through the talk Hsieh’s Chief Happiness Officer, Jenn Lim, takes the stage to share her experiences from the book Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, the book tour, and the movement to “use happiness as a business model.” Between the rigorous training program and relentless approach to employee engagement, Hsieh has returned to the basics of keeping the customer happy by starting with his 2,000+ employees.

Hsieh and Lim offer tremendous insight into the process of building a business vibe that not only makes people around you feel like they’re part of something good – it also makes them want to contribute to its success.

Watch Tony Hsieh’s story here:

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