Google Glass & Wearable Innovation

Google Glass & Wearable InnovationIn the upcoming several months Mobile will shift to the 3.0 level with the next generation of smart devices, including the new Google Glass and its competitors coming quick. And it all presents an opportunity to capitalize on mobile, social and the emerging area of “wearable innovation” in what you are doing as an innovator in 2014 and beyond!

Here are three things to have line of sight of and built into your innovation process or brand/business model re-invention:

1. Google Glass: the Beta version released in the last several months to ten thousand Google “Glass Explorers” is an amazing first effort. It has a User Experience that works easily with voice commands or a gentle touch. It let’s you say: “Ok Glass, take a picture” or another fifteen distinct commands. Take a video, search, find, translate, call, share, etc.

Glass is fairly well integrated into the Google platforms and surrounding social feeds, for a start (in the last 30 days, Glass has already had substantial upgrades). They launched it one-on-one at special Explorer preview locations with ambassadors, well designed packaging, and orchestrated steps for an awesome edu-taining experience.

2. Other Wearable Innovation Breaking: Steve Jobs would have reluctantly liked the User Experience for Glass. Now Apple CEO Tim Cook questions the use of glasses versus configurations in other wearable forms (he recognized partner Nike and their Fuel Bands and hinted at something coming from Apple soon). The global leader in smartphones, Samsung, has launched its Gear smart watch (Sept. 4, 2103 at their “Unpacked” Conference in Berlin). And Sony has come with an Xperia linked watch. Apple’s next big release is next week (Sept. 10, 2013) for a series of reported iOS innovations.

Plus the now breaking use of low energy radio frequency connection by smart devices to the cloud and one another (i.e. Thinaire one touch connecting of users to media, retail & products), coupled with mobile e-payments, micro sensors going into a full spectrum of “internet of things” and data attribution, and you have a new 3.0 dimension for our everyday occasions.

3. Innovation Opportunity: Perhaps most importantly, this emerging area gives the smart innovator an added lens to look thru in creating new products, services or re-invented ones. The impact of mobile/social and related technologies is comparable to the Internet in the 90’s and it is coming faster, quicker and more diverse way than its 2.0 predecessor. It is almost mandatory that you factor these emerging dynamics, including smart devices and their connective solutions, into your thinking as 2014-2015 breaks.

Today, Google asked me and my fellow Explorers to share Glass with our friends. So stay tuned, it is all coming your way shortly (but make sure it is in your smart enabled 2014 vision now!).

See Google Glass and this full story come to life on PatrickTV below:

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Google Glass & Wearable Innovation

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Google Glass & Wearable InnovationPatrick Meyer is the Global Correspondent for Innovation Excellence, and an Innovation and Business 3.0 Expert, Author and Keynote Speaker. He is the founder of PatrickTV and The CEO Futurist – Delivering The Future Now.

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  1. gadget news on December 3, 2013 at 12:48 am

    With Google Glass becoming more popular, it will be interesting to see what laws will be introduced to prohibit them in certain areas. I could see these becoming a big problem while driving or at a bar/club.

  2. boro on January 27, 2014 at 3:18 pm

    I have an idea how to add a new feature of google glasses, so they will become more asked at the world market! Is somebody interested about that?

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