Can Ideation Software Pair with the 4 Steps of the Innovation Process?

Innovation spans every industry and department and it’s also the buzzword of the moment. But just because it’s a buzzword, doesn’t mean it’s not real. In businesses large and small, Chief Innovation Officers are being hired and the value of collaborative progress is spreading through every enterprise.

It’s exciting. It’s also daunting, but (at its base) what it means is sourcing the right open innovation software and then adopting and delivering on a methodology. That methodology is at the heart of every successful innovation program. Every company defines its own best practices and processes within the overall methodology, but at its core, the methodology employed across all industries is very straightforward and it’s also a good way to make sure that when evaluating ideation software, the solution meets a company’s needs at every innovation stage.

Here’s a sketch of what that process looks like:

Collect: Innovation begins by engaging a wide network. Information, feedback, suggestions, and expertise accumulates and is digitally stockpiled. That content is built on, voted on, and developed by other members within the network.

Select: The crowdsourced information is organized, categorized, and the best content is filtered and routed to the most appropriate people in the network for more in-depth evaluation.

Assess: The ideas are weighted, enhanced, and prioritized in an effort to determine what sort of ideas should come to fruition, in what order, and how.

Deliver: The idea is assigned time and resources and tracked through to completion and then communicated to the network at large.

The infographic below illustrates how an idea progresses through each stage and also shows how open innovation is impacting businesses simply by embracing the values of open innovation (for example, “engaged employees are 78% more likely to recommend a product.” That’s why it’s a good idea to get your employees in on the conversation).

To download the complete infographic, visit the IdeaScale site. Are there other steps to the innovation process? How does your company define success at each stage?

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