Innovation Quotes of the Week – October 6, 2013

Innovation Quotes of the Week – October 6, 2013 This week we continue a featured series of some of our favorite innovation-related quotes. Click on author name to link to their article. And, please contribute your favorite innovation quotes in the comments and we’ll feature the best submissions in next week’s Innovation Quotes of the Week.

“What is ‘innovation’ today? It’s the invention or improvement of a product or service that’s desirable, feasible, and valuable.”

Steve Spinelli, President of Philadelphia University – interview with Lou Killeffer

“How do you activate your Key Influencers?”

Kevin Riley

Presentation of the Week – this presentation challenges us to think about the role of the web going forward.

IX presents

“Innovation teams aren’t in demand until an emergency arises.”

Jeffrey Phillips

“The five key transforming aspects with leading innovators is taking a more advanced approach to innovation.”

Paul Hobcraft

” Confirmation bias… It’s very important for innovators to understand this concept.”

Stephen Shapiro

“Who would have thought that pasta category would become a war zone, but last week we witnessed just that.”

Elana Putilina

“Is there then no hope for Operational Excellence? Of course there is, and you can even dress up the solutions…so none of the accountants will notice.”

Costas Papaikonomou

“Negativity has become natural, and positivity has become an endangered species.”

Mike Shipulski

“The whole principle came from the idea that if you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved it by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together.”

Sir Dave Brailsford, Performance Director of British Cycling – reported by Richard Hughes-Jones

“First there was the ice cream man, then there was the book mobile, then came the popular food truck craze, and now a new business on wheels – Who’s Your Daddy? “

Braden Kelley

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