Action Project Learning Uncovers Innovative Solutions for Nike, GE and other Global Leaders

Action Project Learning Uncovers Innovative Solutions for Nike, GE and other Global LeadersEach year, the Center for Innovation Excellence and Leadership (IXL Center) partners with the Hult International Business School and its MBA students on ‘real world’ action projects that bring growth potential to companies like Verizon, Nike, GE, Levis, and more. These Hult Innovation Olympics combine real innovation enterprise challenges with international MBA teams who then compete to produce the best innovative solutions in an Apprentice style model.

This 2 minute video features Peter Tippett, VP of Technology Innovation at Verizon Business, who shares his experience from inside the Action Project. The video also highlights students competing to uncover the best innovative ideas.

If you are interested in becoming an Action Project company, or just learn more about the value of the program for your company’s innovation efforts, please contact Bert at

In our upcoming Webinar (October 16th, 4pm EST), we will share our lessons learned as well as real world experiences from previous sponsors that have participated in prior Innovation Olympics. What challenges do you need help solving? Why are you not crowdsourcing? Why are you not taking advantage of external resources such as MBA programs to get intelligence, insights and ideas? Please sign up here to learn more.

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Dr. Hitendra Patel is Managing Director at Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership (IXL Center), and Professor of Growth and Innovation at Hult International Business School.

Dr. Hitendra Patel




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