Quick Survey: Tell us about innovation inside the healthcare industry

Is innovation important to the US healthcare industry? Does your company empower you to be innovative, and do they provide you with the tools to be innovative? IX Research, the research arm of Innovation Excellence, is conducting a very brief survey of people who work within the healthcare industry to get their perspective on these and other questions — and we’d love for you to participate (or send to healthcare contacts)! The survey should only take 2-3 minutes to complete, and will be open through October 31.

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Some of the data from the survey will be published in a forthcoming eBook on this subject. All survey participants will receive a copy of the eBook as a token of our appreciation. The eBook will be authored, edited, and published by the modelH partnership of Kevin Riley and Associates, Innovation Excellence, and Batterii.

We are also collecting data from our modelH community, which will also be shared within the eBook. For those who don’t already know, modelH is a co-creation forum where a community of innovators is co-creating an open-source business model canvas for the US healthcare industry. For more information on modelH, please check out our Innovation Excellence blog archive, or visit the modelH information website. There’s also still time to join the modelH co-creation forum.

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Announcing IX Research: Research for Innovation PractitionersDoug Williams, Chief Research Officer and Principal Analyst, leads the development of IX Research. Doug is the primary author of IX Research‘s syndicated research reports, and is responsible for the development of the IX Research Panel and IX Custom Research lines of business. A former analyst at both Forrester Research and JupiterResearch, he launched and led Forrester’s innovation and co-creation practice for product strategy professionals. He authored 36 highly rated Forrester Research reports on innovation, open innovation, and co-creation, and was the primary author and developer of Forrester’s Open Innovation playbook. Doug tweets from @DougWilliamsMHD.

Doug Williams




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